We go through tough times in our life atleast once, a guiding light and path, will ease the rough roads which we have to pass. Swarnatara Spirituals came into existence, to be a light through the principles of Vedic scriptures and learned gurus to lead us to safety.


Vedic scriptures have all solutions to all the tasks and hardships one faces in life. Astrology, Vaastu, Rituals and Yantras as recommended by the Gurus, who are well versed as per the Vedic scriptures, have been providing solutions to needs of mankind and Creating happy families with expertise.

Our Story

Divine experiences and influence of Spiritual Gurus - Mahavataar Babaji, Maharishi Sri Rajar, Sadasiva Brahmendra, Mahaperiyava and Sri Raghavendra on our Chairman, Sri Venkatrenga Gupta, invoked the thought of providing solutions needed by mankind through Spirituality. These drops of nectar from the very early age had turned into an ocean over a period of time, eventually to bring Swarnatara Spirituals as one place for all remedies.

Our Founders

Venkatrenga Gupta

Founder, Director

Born in Coimbatore, had schooling in CBE, and graduated in Mathematics from St. Josephs Autonomous College, Trichy, A college with alumni of TWO past presidents of India Mr. Venkatraman and Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Had his Law degree from SV University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Coming from a background of Banker, was inclined to Financial products and Zeal and enthusiasm to serve the society was the drive in founding the SWARNATARA GROUP in Chennai in the year 2007. Ably supported by DK Hariharan, Swarnatara has grown up to have one Public Limited company, SFH Markets Ltd., as on 2019. Managing the 10 verticals of Swarnatara Group in his capacity as Chairman and Managing Director, now is a Managing Director for DeepSphere Ai India Pvt. Ltd., India, operating in European Union, Asian regions and Australia. His interest in Badminton had made him win laurels at the University levels. A Car lover and Water sports fan and a singer.



Born in Chennai, had his schooling in Chennai and is a Post graduate in Sociology, from Madras University. Started his career as a Marketing Executive in VASANTH & CO, and had been a Area Manager in Subiksha Trading Services Pvt. Ltd. managing 10 stores in Chennai. With all the expertise he gained by catering to the Consumer needs he moved on to Financial Products as Advisor for the Insurance and Investment sector. He has 25years of experience in Insurance and Financial products and had climbed up to the level of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table, USA) and was consecutively awarded for 5 years. He was also in the CHAIRMAN’s Club for LIC of India. He became a Director - Marketing and Operations for the Swarnatara Group of Companies from 2010, and now is managing 10 verticals. He is a man of Good heart and has been in the society for service to the needy.


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